House of Butterflies

House of Butterflies is where you find high quality of creative handmade designs produced by co-op community workers in Asia. The Founder and Creative Director, Hanouf Al-Juhail, designs a wide range of reusable market baskets, beach baskets, gift baskets, rugs, baskets for picnics, mothers, travel, and each design can be in itself a multipurpose item. We allow our customers the creativity to use each product in whichever way possible in an attempt to spread the awareness on crucial issues such as; reducing waste, reusing, recycling and eliminating single-use plastic bags.

House of Butterflies also sheds the light on the team of talented co-op workers who execute its designs to meet the highest standards. Each design is manufactured in limited numbers and in a waste-free environment where no machines are used to cause any type of pollution throughout the process. House of Butterflies is a platform with a universal message where our designs carry out an invitation for our customers to join an environmentalist mission by reducing waste as well as shedding light on the value of social works and creativity in its handmade designs.

Hanouf Juhail - House of Butterflies


"Our mission is to design & develop eco-friendly handmade baskets
by empowering our talented co-op workers for the mindful environmentalists and businesses to be able to reduce the use of single-use plastics"


"Our vision is to be the leading restorer of ecological balance"